Expert Exemplification Essay Writing Assistance

Expert Exemplification Essay Writing Assistance

If you have to write a paper that is beyond your scope of competency, you definitely need professional help. Yes, you probably know how to write a descriptive, or an argumentative essay. Now, it is high time to study the key features of exemplification essay writing. If your professor asked you to create an exemplification essay but you have no idea how to start, we recommend you to follow the guidelines that were gathered and structured by the professional writers. The following article will provide you with multiple effective tricks that will help you create a wonderful piece and impress your instructor. Follow our advice and polish your writing skills!

What Is an Exemplification Essay?

Writing an exemplification essay can frighten even the experienced writer, however, we assure you that knowing a certain algorithm, you will be able to cope with this task without any problems. If you know how to write an argumentative essay, most probably, you will not encounter any problems with creating a good exemplification essay.

In order to write an exemplification essay, you need to follow the structure of an argumentative paper but provide more details. When working on this paper, all your words and arguments should be supported with credible facts. You may blend these facts including the numbers and graphs to discuss your topic from the different angles. Also, when writing an exemplification essay, you need to be very attentive when citing the sources. Since writing an exemplification essay requires thorough research, you have to go to the library of study the online database to find accurate, relevant, and credible data for your research. Moreover, as a rule, these sources should not be older than ten years, unless your professor allowed you to use the older ones. Each source you consult in the writing process should be carefully cited in accordance with the reference style required. For example, if the professor mentioned the APA referencing style in the instruction, make sure to cite all sources in this style, create the appropriate reference list, as well as format your paper in accordance to the common APA standards. You may find many efficient APA manuals on the web. Feel free to choose the best one and study the APA rules thoroughly.

Choosing the Right Exemplification Essay Topic

You probably know that choosing the right topic for the essay is very important. When it comes to writing an exemplification essay, choosing the right topic is a great step on your way to academic success. When selecting the right topic, you need to consider a few significant aspects. First and foremost, you need to pick up the topic that will help you develop interesting and sound arguments. Thus, it should not be too broad or too narrow. A broad topic will make you discuss a lot of aspects without the opportunity to delve into details. A too narrow topic will not give you a field for discussion, which is very important in an exemplification essay. Also, we recommend you to choose the topic that will help you introduce a non-standard approach to the standard problem. We assure you that only those students, who demonstrate their ability to think critically and organize their thoughts into the logical flow, get the highest grades for their papers. If you experience some difficulties on the stage of choosing the right topic, feel free to talk to your instructor and ask for help.

Examples of Good Topics for Exemplification Essay

  1. Do you believe that a college degree is important for finding a job in the contemporary marketplace?
  2. Should medical marijuana be decriminalized?
  3. Discuss the tools, instruments, and policies that will increase access to healthcare to more categories of people.
  4. How can the government tackle the problem of a mass shooting?
  5. Organ donation. Potential risks.

Each of these topics provides the writer with a great field for research and discussion. Note that you cannot just say whether you agree or disagree with something. An exemplification essay is an academic task that does not require expressing writer`s viewpoint. On the contrary, you need to back up your arguments with solid facts and evidence.

Examples of Bad Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. Is alcohol dangerous? (this example of an exemplification essay topic is bad because it is somehow one-sided, as there are no opposing views regarding the problem);
  2. How to make a cheesecake? (Although one can find plenty of sources on this topic, it fits for a process essay, not an exemplification one).
  3. What is your favorite movie? (this topic not a good option for an exemplification essay since it is based only on your opinion and will not provide your reader with a credible discussion);

An Exemplification Essay Writing Process: The Essentials

In order to write a great exemplification essay, you need to follow the four steps mentioned below:

  1. Research the materials.If you believe that the writing process itself is the only thing you should do, you are not right. If you want to compose a great piece, you need to dedicate enough attention to the prewriting stage. As you already know, picking up the right sources is a particularly important stage of producing an amazing exemplification essay.
  2. Create an outline. When the research is done, you need to dedicate some time to the brainstorming process. For this purpose, hide all things that can distract your attention and focus mainly on your topic. Write down every idea that comes to your head even if it seems awkward and irrelevant. Then, have some rest from work. When you get back to the sheet with your notes after some time, select the most interesting ones and organize them into an outline starting from the introduction. Many students mistakenly underestimate the value of an outline in the writing process. However, you need to understand that your outline is a plan for your essay that will help you move from one idea to another without focusing on unnecessary information.
  3. Start the writing process itself. Keep in mind that your essay should start will the introduction, continue with the main body, and finalize with the strong conclusion. Your introduction should include a hook that will grab the reader`s attention and a good thesis statement. A thesis statement is the key idea of your paper that will be proved in your essay. It is usually a thought-provoking claim that outlines further discussion. The main body of your exemplification essay should be divided into several paragraphs which will shape your discussion. Every paragraph should begin with a clear topic sentence related to the thesis statement. Also, to make your writing smooth and coherent, do not forget about the transition words. If you want to get a good grade for your exemplification essay, you should not fill your body with fluff. Your language should be clear and understandable. If there are some unknown terms in your paper, do not forget to explain them. Finally, your concluding paragraph should touch the main points discussed in the essay. At the same time, it should not repeat the sentences from the body. After all, you need to convince your readers that your topic is worth attention and finalize your essay with the strong claim that will make an impression on your audience.
  4. Do not forget about editing and proofreading. If you want to get a good grade for your exemplification essay, it should be free from any mistakes. Thus, make sure to dedicate enough time to read your paper several times to find all the logical fallacies, as well as grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and fix them. Finally, do not forget that timely submission significantly increases your chances to get a good grade.

Exemplification Essay Writing: Common Rules

Procrastination is a terrible thing, especially when it comes to academic writing. As such, we recommend you not to wait until the very last moment to write your essay but start working or researching the materials and writing the outline at the day when you receive the assignment. Such an approach will prove that you are a responsible student, who takes care of the academic reputation and does not want to deal with the revisions.

One more point that should be considered when composing the essay is your grading rubric. We recommend you to study it very carefully if you want to impress your professor and get a good grade for your paper. To assess your exemplification essay with the highest mark, your professor wants to see that every point of the instruction is followed precisely.

If you have no idea of how to write an exemplification essay, we recommend you to look through the exemplification essay examples available on the web. You may use these samples as the source of your inspiration and learn the essentials of content organization and structure. However, keep in mind that in order to bring you the highest grade, your paper should be original and authentic. As such, you should work hard to make your piece plagiarism-free.

To summarize, we assure you that writing an exemplification essay is not that difficult if you possess good writing and research skills and constantly work on their improving. After all, nobody is born with a strong writing competency. Do not give up and we assure you that your perseverance and dedication will help you become a skilled and talented writer!