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Corporate Strategy Improvement

July 31, 2018 Category:

Weak signals in an organization referred to the initial signs of emerging issues whose details are not clear. Information received as weak signals is generally unstructured, partial and fragmented. When efficiently exploited, such data may turn out to be strategically valuable. As advanced indicators of future direction, the analysis of weak signals may have the…

Classical Economics Essay Sample

July 30, 2018 Category:

Macroeconomic theories refer to the scientific theories that seek to describe the phenomena related to the macro-economy. In this case, the fundamental phenomena described by the macroeconomic theories include inflation, unemployment rates as well as the level of aggregate production. These theories also provide the necessary policy recommendations that could be used to correct the…

Contract and Procurement Management Essay Example

July 30, 2018 Category:

Procurement is one of the most important organizational processes. It is essentially concerned with the sourcing and buying of goods, services, and works from outside suppliers. These days, many organizations prefer to procure their basic infrastructures, goods, services, and works through a tendering process as opposed to buying directly from suppliers or sellers. The tendering…

Formation of the Solar System Essay

July 27, 2018 Category:

There are several theories that explain the formation of the solar system. However, it has been a tricky question explaining how and why the solar system came into existence. Therefore, many people have tried to come up with myths and theories to explain the origin of the solar system. Each of this theories attempts to…

Local Customs and Innovations in Islam Essay

July 27, 2018 Category:

Islam is a relatively young and quite popular religion which, rooted in the Arabian Peninsula, has spread throughout the world nowadays. Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah provides an apposite example comparing Islam with the pure and clear river. Just like a river, Islam has many branches that stem from the same pillars of faith, but interpret…

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