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A grant proposal is a properly arranged piece of writing the purpose of which is to convince the board to give a student or a group of people a grant for receiving education or launching a research project. It is necessary to admit that writing a grant proposal is quite challenging. The point is that it is a very serious work that has to be both revealing and captivating. Moreover, it has to be based on incontrovertible facts.

It should be noted that a research grant proposal has much in common with a business plan since it highlights a specific idea and explains how it can be put into practice. The requirements for structuring such writing projects may differ depending on the discipline.

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However, the basic structuring rules are as follows:

  • Cover page. It should present basic data about the writer, topic, date, etc.
  • It should briefly outline the key points and functions of the proposal.
  • Introductory unit. It should provide general information about the project.
  • Needs statement. It should explain what demands of the society the project is concentrated on.
  • It should illustrate the key goal of the proposal.
  • It should describe the process of implementing the discussed idea, identify the problems that may arise and offer their solutions.
  • It should provide the data about the staff and their qualifications.
  • It should provide detailed information about the expenditures on the project.

One should know that the types of grant proposals vary. In order to succeed in writing a grant proposal of a specific kind, one has to be aware of its peculiarities. For example, when producing a scientific grant proposal, you are supposed to examine an educational institution with the purpose of detecting ingenious students who could participate in launching the project. Remember that it is vital to show the committee that you have thoroughly examined the area you are going to develop your project in. Moreover, you have to prove that your project is helpful to the society. In the unit discussing the budget, you are required to highlight only the items that are really needed for launching your undertaking.

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