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We Know How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

When a thesis, research paper or a dissertation is done, an annotated bibliography may seem to be an unimportant thing, but it is one of the most important factors. In a manuscript or a scholarly paper, the author makes a point. The point of the reference that is described in the annotated bibliography adds to the credibility of the paper, thus promoting it. On a college level, an annotated bibliography proves the teacher that the research has been thoughtfully done, and the student operates on relevant facts from reliable sources. Moreover, when a certain point of view is quoted from different relevant sources, this adds weight to the credibility of the point. Today, things are prone to change fast and what was unknown one day may become obvious the other. The written bibliography provides information on the timeline of the data mentioned in the paper.

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When in the annotated bibliography the writings are not merely enlisted, but analyzed critically and cited properly, an annotated bibliography is dealt with. In the annotated bibliography, the papers, dissertations, books and other sources need to be cited in a proper format. Most commonly, our customers require MLA or APA format style (but we are able to deal with any academic one).

What is important in a custom annotated bibliography, is to give an adequate note to the citation. The annotation accompanies the publication and gives an entry to what the bibliography is referring to. The note describes and explains the key ideas of the thesis, article, journal, or research paper the author refers to. The annotation is used to summarize the main arguments of the manuscript. In the annotation, there may be the topic, main point, conclusion or some argument the referring author writes about. If you need to write an annotated bibliography, you should also understand the annotation actually evaluates the source. Thus, it acts as a review board. The annotation reviews the source and gives an appraisal to it. In other words, you describe whether the source justifies the topic.

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