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Proofreading and editing are essential processes in completing academic assignments or other written tasks. While editing is a more ‘intrusive’ way to improve a text, proofreading is a surface-level check that plays a critical role in finding and correcting mistakes in the text. In general, students and authors benefit from a good proofreading service because it helps polish a paper to get the best results. Our professional proofreading services have advanсed editors, more than 10 years of experience, and a detailed-oriented approach to perfect your writing.

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Proofreading Challenges and Solutions

“I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again”

These words belong to Oscar Wilde, and they demonstrate the essence of proofreading and its challenges. It is critical to notice small details that can be corrected; however, it is extremely difficult to find any issues when a proofreader is the author of the piece. As such, students who have written a paper are often unaware of their mistakes because they lose the subtlety and objectiveness that make proofreading effective. They may miss mistakes when checking papers due to high-stress levels, time shortness, tiredness, and, as a result, decreased attention to detail. Assistance with proofreading is a great advantage under such conditions. Our professional proofreaders are the best solution for students because they can spot any typos, grammar mistakes, and other inconsistencies and correct them in a timely manner. 

Customers choose our online proofreading service to excel and prevent any mistakes that can potentially download their grades. This tendency is especially relevant for students who study English as a second language and might not know what to look for when proofreading their papers. They buy essay proofreading or editing services to overcome this barrier to great academic performance. Moreover, proofreading is important when there is a need to avoid inconsistencies and confusion with American and British English spelling differences. Notably, we excel in all areas of editing academic papers, including proofreading and are happy to help when you order our proofreading services. You may buy our service to proofread a paper that has been written by one of our writers, or use this service separately and work only with your papers. 

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Order Proofreading Services that Make All the Difference

It is little things that matter. You see this tendency everywhere in, for example, parking lots where “illegally parked cars will be fine,” errors in software presentation when a program asks whether you want to “exist” instead of “exit,” in shopping when a company offers “fail prices” instead of “fair” and so on. A common factor of these occurrences is the lack of proper proofreading. You can pay for our proofreading service and be sure that no such errors will be found in your paper after checking it.

When our experienced editors work on your text, they focus on many elements to make corrections:

  • Possible misspellings. We check all the terms, names, or uncommon words;
  • Incorrect/missed punctuation. Punctuation is essential to focus on certain ideas, differentiate things, stress words, finish and start new statements.
  • Inconsistencies in formatting. Our editors make sure that all textual and numerical elements are in order.
  • Grammar issues. We correct the sequence of tenses, articles, plural forms, split sentences, and other elements.

You can pay for online editing services to get a checked paper within a limited time. Please note that proofreading does not include word count reduction and is usually performed on the final draft of your paper. Thus, there is a short turnaround period for our customers to get improved texts. 

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We Use an Individual Approach to Each Customer and Proofread to Succeed 

Our editors adapt to clients’ needs and provide assistance that corresponds to the demands of certain educational establishments and students. For instance, we have customers who send additional requests and are happy with the results. These requests include:

  • The use of “easy language.” This aspect is important for international students who lose good grades because of poor proofreading. Our editors may help find more appropriate synonyms. However, it is best to order editing services when such rewriting is needed.
  • English proofreading. Sometimes, we are asked to proofread the paper for English and grammar mistakes.
  • The use of “track changes.” Our customers may see all the corrections if they like. This feature is very helpful when students learn from their mistakes and get better with writing while also getting good grades.  

Our editors are great and get you the means to improve your papers. You can get professional assistance by clicking on “order now.” Please take a few minutes to fill in the order form and choose the right options for you. After you pay for proofreading, an editor will be assigned to work on your text as soon as possible. After the completion of the editing process, you will receive a notification and will be able to download an improved paper. 

We proofread essays, research papers, letters, poems, PowerPoint presentations, and other assignments. Our prices are developed to make services affordable for students. You can use convenient payment options to order proofreading, editing, writing, or other assistance online. Moreover, we offer benefits and VIP services that help to advance your projects and achieve positive results faster. 

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Receive Special Attention to Papers and Bonuses with VIP Services

Customers who order proofreading services enjoy our VIP services and can create a VIP account to access exclusive features. For instance, you may benefit from a full PDF plagiarism report and know whether your paper is authentic. It is also helpful to get SMS notifications about order completion and get VIP support with any order-related issues. Moreover, you may have one of the top editors to work on your text when you get a VIP account. We recommend such accounts to get extra bonuses and discounts. Please refer to VIP services and VIP accounts or get in touch with our support department for more information. 

We will help you with a final draft and make it special. Our professional editors have experience in enhancing papers and offer assistance that is beneficial to students. We work fast and guarantee quality texts. When you order our professional proofreading services, you receive academic support that advances your chances of success. Thus, you can pay for proofreading and enjoy exclusive help.

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