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How to Write a Response Paper

September 23, 2019 Category:

A response paper is a type of academic writing assignment that is different from widely known reviews. A review is a more objective piece of writing where first-person usage is not encouraged, whereas a response paper (otherwise known as a reaction paper) is written in first person and entails discussion and analysis of a specific…

Expert Exemplification Essay Writing Assistance

July 24, 2019 Category:

If you have to write a paper that is beyond your scope of competency, you definitely need professional help. Yes, you probably know how to write a descriptive, or an argumentative essay. Now, it is high time to study the key features of exemplification essay writing. If your professor asked you to create an exemplification essay…

What Is a Grant Proposal: Tips and Strategies for a Winning Paper

June 21, 2019 Category:

If you are eager about winning a grant, be ready to work hard on the assignment. Good grants may be not only hard to write but also hard to find, so it is essential that you build networks if you want to succeed academically. Still, when moving closer to the very challenge of writing a…

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