Ethics of Voice

As it is known, interpersonal relationship is a crucial component of successful socializing. Scholars define communication as “the use of available resources to convey information, to move, to inspire, to persuade, to enlighten, to connect” (Makau 1). It is important to clarify that, regardless of its function, communication is supposed to be subordinated to ethical…

Culture and Inequality of Aboriginal Communities in Canada

Every modern society must have a complex internal structure. The cause of the internal complexity of society should be regarded as a variety of customs, beliefs, interests and attitudes by which people form groups in society. In addition, people who make up a human society have a special place in the social structure, where the…

Consideration of Paying Equally in Workplace

The workplace is one of the most controversial places when it comes to ethics. This is because most employers tend to pay some workers higher salaries than others. However, there are numerous underlying issues that could explain these differences in workers` compensation. In a workplace, different people have different abilities. Also, different people are talented…

Vicarious Liability of Parents for Crimes Committed

Vicarious liability refers to occasions whereby a senior party may hold responsible for crimes committed by a junior party under their mandate, which caused by the nature of their relationship (Howard, 1997). Vicarious liability of parents for crimes committed by their children signifies how parents are liable for any criminal acts performed by their children….