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President’s Day or Washington’s Birthday?

Officially, on President’s Day, Americans are supposed to honor George Washington, the first President of the USA, and celebrate his accomplishments for the American nation. However, today we honor all other American presidents on this day as well. There are many events and celebrations arranged on President’s Day to give tribute to them. Let’s see […]

Valentine’s Day Traditions All Around the World

You know the traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day in your country. Are you interested to learn what other traditions exist out there in the world? FYI, there are multiple things people do on this day and some of them might even seem to be strange for you (such as exchanging wooden spoons or pressed flowers). Let’s see what these traditions are!

Presidents’ Day

On the third Monday of February Americans celebrate Presidents’ Day. What is the history of it? Why did they choose February for celebration? How huge is the importance of the holiday? Why do some states also celebrate Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthday? Is it a holiday of all or only two presidents of the USA?

Facts You Did Not Know About the Groundhog Day

Each year, on the 2nd of February, people appear from their houses around sunrise to look at a fluffy furry rodent forecasting the upcoming weather. But why do people celebrate Groundhog Day? It seems a bit silly to rely on the marmot’s advice, especially considering that this rodent is actually wrong about half of the time.

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