How to Encourage Yourself to Catch Up with Work on Holidays

December 23, 2016

People tend to postpone important tasks before holidays planning to start them when they come back to work after refreshing their strengths. On the other hand, we all have responsibilities, and delaying work-related tasks is not reasonable because there will be a need to deal with them anyway. If you are still not motivated enough to work on holidays, check these important reasons

Surviving Family Christmas

December 19, 2016

Are you one of those people who hate gathering together with the family at Christmas? All that bustle before and during holidays may be too overwhelming, especially if your relationships with your family are far from perfect. However, I have several pieces of advice on how to deal with your family for winter holidays. Maybe, they will help you, too.

Social Networking: How to Protect Your Data

December 16, 2016

Within the last few years, social networks have rapidly entered our lives together with some accompanying hazards such as personal data thefts. So, in order to keep your data protected, stick to these rules and precautions.

How to Organize Healthy Lifestyle

December 14, 2016

Every day we have a lot of stuff to do. With the beginning of student’s life, it’s amount only increases. In this mass, we forget about the main issue ¬– our health. It is a real problem, because you can’t achieve success in other spheres of your life if you have health problems. Thus, you should try to keep healthy lifestyle in spite of saturated life in college. There are some useful pieces of advice on how to do it.

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