Additional Services

We offer an exclusive service of progressive delivery if you would like to better manage long papers (that comprise either 10+ single-spaced pages or 20+ double-spaced pages).

You will never regret paying extra 15% for this service because:

  1. You will be assigned one of the top-rated writers to work on your order;
  2. Your paper will be proofread by an expert editor after it is completed;
  3. You will monitor the writing process in collaboration with a personal manager, who will also keep track of the exchange of materials and information between you and your assigned writer.
  4. You will get a brilliant opportunity of receiving the paper in sections, and thus you will be able to check on whether the writer fulfills the paper requirements. In any case, you will be able to comment on each draft you receive and send the writer your recommendations and remarks before the final deadline.
  5. You will have 30 days of free revision applications after the deadline expiry.

Procedure of Receiving Drafts:

The frequency of getting drafts and the number of drafts you get fully depends on the paper urgency you have indicated on the website.

Check out the following table:


Number of Drafts

Volume of Drafts

Time of Delivery

0-4 days


25% of the total paper content

After 50% of the deadline has passed

5-11 days


1st draft – 25% of the total paper content;

2nd draft – 50% of the total paper content

After 25% of the deadline is over

After 50% of the deadline passes

12 days and more


1st draft = 25% of the whole paper;

2nd draft = 50% of the total word count limit;

3rd draft = 75% of the final paper

25% after the deadline start

50% after the deadline start

After 75% of the deadline has expired

*You are free to discuss with your personal manager the change of drafts delivery schedule. In case you have other individual preferences or would like to receive more drafts, you are free to negotiate this matter.

Additional Services for Short Papers (under 20 Pages)

  1. Extended Revision: Get the whole of 14 days to be able to send free revision requests to your writer.
  2. Draft. For some extra pay, you will be able to receive a draft even for a short paper. As a rule, you receive either a one-page single-spaced or double-spaced draft that is sent after 50% of the deadline expiration.
  3. Summary. Get your paper summed up briefly and concisely. Order the summary service and our company writer will describe the main points of your paper in just one page.
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