Visualizing Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to the abuse of one partner by the other in an intimate relationship like cohabiting or a marriage. I decided to discuss this topic because it has become one of the most contentious social issues in the society today. Many people have been regularly oppressing their partners in their respective intimacies. In most cases, it is the women who suffer. Men have taken advantage of women’s traditionally proclaimed weakness and deny their fundamental rights. Most of the marriages have collapsed due to the bodily blows and intimidation of the female partners.

This behavior can be explained in terms of feminine theory. This sociological approach can be used to explore the discriminative patriarchal attitude that places men above women. In case of correct usage, it can help in analyzing this sharp social problem and in raising public awareness to the plights of this frequently downtrodden part of the population. Moreover, it will be suitable for establishing strategies to mitigate this menace in order to liberate them once and for all. The feminist approach is quite relevant in understanding the casual chain in visualizing such social issues. Through it, learners will know about the origin and intensity of this problem and the role of each of the involved parties.

Meanwhile, this theory will also help to know more about the various forms of gender discrimination and the reasons why they have persisted. As a result, all efforts can lead to the construction of the most appropriate strategies on how the attitude of the dominant male can be changed. This can result in a liberal society in which everyone is treated equally, regardless of their gender.

I would like to conclude by saying that many people are in their current status due to such challenges. We should openly discuss these problems and come up with feasible measures to eliminate them completely.

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