United States of America’s Priority Areas

Being a major global power and arguably the most influential country in the whole world, the United States of America should take a more active role in support of universal human rights. This is because the country has a great contradictory history in both promotion and disrespecting international human rights both at home and abroad (Demenchonok, 2010). To enhance there advocacy on international human rights, U. S. has to act within some priorities.

The first area of priority should be the promotion of democracy and strengthening the adherence to the rule of law. Poor governance and lack of democracy around the world has been one of the major causes of universal violation of human rights (Steel, 2009). Countries that practice dictatorship have been very notorious of oppressing and exploiting their respective citizens. Consequently, the United States of America should ensure that acts of leaders around the world forcefully imposing their wills on their subjects are eliminated. This, however, should be done first by U.S showing its commitment to respecting the law domestically before crossing borders.

Steel (2009) identifies another area of specicification should be acting respectfully towards all the internationally accepted fundamental freedoms and human rights. Domestically, the U.S discriminatively adheres to some fundamental freedoms and human rights which is a great sign of human rights violation. For a more active role in promotion of universal human rights, it has to act within the accepted standards.

America should also avert chaos and uphold stability around the world. America has the required moral, military and economic mighty very capable of providing and ensuring global stability and leadership. It, therefore, has to step up take charge and play a great role in peacekeeping missions. To this effect, it must give attention to such as ethnic violence, civil wars and other political acts that might disrupt peace (Demenchonok, 2010).

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