“Try Me” by Bob Marley

The title of music described below is “Try Me” composed by Bob Marley. String instruments such as guitar, piano, and harp are used. However, guitar seems to be the major instrument. There also seems to be an occasional use of bass flute. The voices used differ from scary to soft, as he tries to reflect the emotions in the music. I am able to identify three timbres resulting from the use of different instruments and human voices. The natural parts of the pitch are such that it produces a series of harmonic or overtones following each other. With regard to the dynamic range, the music is more “variable” and the difference between the loudest and the quietest volume of the instrument is distinct. The music is also characterized by both sudden and gradual variation in volumes.

The beats in the music are put in groups of three. A temporary rhythmic disturbance in the regular metrical accent can be identified in few instances; hence syncopation is heard to be present. The melody movement of this song comprises of a mixture of steps and leaps. However, their large intervals are often mare, hence leaps seem to dominate. I can also hear two phrases in the music. The music is also performed in a legato fashion.

It is easy to identify a set of partials, which are multiples as a part of the fundamental frequency. However, based on similar relationship, the harmony can be said to be rather a dissonance. It makes use of the major key. The key modulates from one to the other. The harmonic, melodic and rhythmic composition of the music is such, that it gives a high-quality sound. The several melodic accompaniments give rise to a polyphonic texture. To come up with the music outline I had to use sound cards so as to capture the quality of the sound.