Tracking a Suspect

According to Taylor & Quayle (2003), child pornography is defined as the films or images, and sometimes writings showing sexual activities that involve children. The information provided has been made complex so that to make its meaning hidden because of it a crime of selling and distribution of child pornography. Through the use of the computer, I have cracked some of the codes to clearly understand the pieces of information for the purposes of tracking and locating the offender. The offender is called Ted Barry who is a white male aged twenty-six years.

The clue that I used to crack the codes for this information was to change the font type from Wingdings to Times New Roman. With the second piece of information, I replaced the Greek letters with English letters which made it clear that Teddy Barry has been involved in the illegal business of selling and distributing child pornography for a period of five years. This child pornographic images involved children under the age of ten years.

The third information that I translated from Arabic to English shows that Barry discussed the sale and distribution of the child pornographic materials over computer blogging. I translated the fourth information from French to English and found that Teddy provides the clients his picture with a bull’s eye to let them know when they have reached the appropriate channel for the possession and distribution of child pornographic materials.

According to the tenth information which I replaced the Greek words with English words, I found that Barry made his information hidden so that the police could not locate him while he is selling and distributing child pornographic materials. However, with ninth piece of information, I changed the text highlight color from black to colorless and I found Barry’s numbers to be 474088119 which I can use to locate the correct offender.

It has been possible to track and locate Ted Barry through cracking the coded information by using computer tricks. He has been selling and distributing child pornographic materials for four years. Barry believed that he could not be tracked and located because of the coded sentences he used to deliver messages.

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