Three Skills/Traits for a Major Graphic Design

The objective of the study is to find at least three personality traits that a graphic design student at his major possesses as a form of catalyst for success in the class. This thesis will be used everywhere in the assignment as a reference point to defend the main points that are to be handled herein.

A successful graphic design major takes criticism positively. He listens attentively whenever fellow classmates point out faults of his work. Successful student always decides to use the criticism to own advantage and goes ahead to use it in making amendments to designs so that in the long run, his designs are unique. Because of this personality trait, student is able to score high grades on designs and fellow course mates always aspire to have him in their respective study groups so that they could not only score high marks on their assigned group work, but also learn more from him.

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A successful graphic design major is always eloquent and, therefore, communicates so well that aspires to build and strive to sustain a positive relationship with fellow course mates. His eloquence acts as a great facilitator during presentations in that he tackles points relating to presentations in a rather simpler and comprehendible manner, which makes lecturers pleased and so willing to award him with good grades he rightfully deserves.

The successful graphic design major is always motivated and will go a mile further to undertake extra exercises, which he always intends to use in sharpening his illustration skills. He does not always visit the library to read but whenever he finds good material, he will go through it and make it count.He is very passionate about what he does and would defend his stand. His initiative to explore different materials exposes him to positive information that he uses to prepare for exams.

In conclusion, it will be wise to stipulate that the major graphic design student workes hard in order for him to perform well in class. The traits, or rather skills, he possesses come out of hard work and perseverance in his undertakings. His passion to graphic design is the major driving force to be successful in class. The self-motivation which he persistently holds comes out of the fact that he values self-discipline and accountability for every decision he makes. It’s, therefore, quite clear that in order to record high marks in any graphic design class students need to use both their talents and acquired skills so that in the long run they may be identified as successful.

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