The World of Digital Technology

In the modern world, Digital Technology is indeed one of the most fast improving innovations and its influence on humanity cannot be denied. Digital Technology products like Youtube were certainly able to capture the attention of many because of its unique features. Youtube, as a website, allows many people to express themselves through the variety of songs that were combined, remixed, and edited. These so-called “hybrid songs”, however, contain potential of violating the copyrights law against original songs or videos.

As an individual who is avid to Digital Technology, I do believe that the law should allow these kinds of creative expressions. There are the number of factors supporting it. We live in a free world where everyone should be given rights of expression. Moreover, it should be done in a respectful manner in order not to insult or offend others. For the sake of that expression regulation in form of Digital Technology, any website similar to Youtube must create or develop software that is programmed to inspect the elements of every song or video being uploaded in their websites. This will allow them to make sure that every video being uploaded is regulated in accordance with the law. In my opinion, creative culture of user-generated content can be revived if everyone is dedicated to a common idea indispensably supporting the revival of it with the presence of Digital Technology. The existence of Digital Technology will allow users to further express themselves in a more creative and artistic manner so that viewers can be entertained and, therefore, learn something while watching. Last but not least, DRM (Digital Rights Management) should be utilized. Its employment surely plays a huge role in the innovation of Digital Technology which is consequently processed and developed in a proper way. It offers a lot of new things to the world of Digital Technology and it gives users an opportunity to improve, develop, and enhance their so-called “art of expression”.