The TSA Operations


The carrying of fire arms by selected pilots is a precaution measure put into action after the September 11 terrorist attacks. The TSA is entitled to ensure the firearms are correctly and responsibly used in line with the set law and responsibility. The body is responsible in handling the cases and misdeeds involved with this program and which have so far been reported.

The Operations

The operations within this body are carried out in conjunction with other law enforcing bodies. The operations are bound by the law and the details at most remain clandestine to the public. The body is entitled with protecting and safeguarding all the rights of individuals and corporations involved in making flights a success (Bragdon 2008). The TSA is responsible for any misuse of the arms and is answerable to the people concerned.

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The air marshals posted by the TSA act and behave like the normal passengers and at all times act without any back up. They are expected to operate within the law. The responsibility is held by individuals with high gun accuracy. The detectives depend on their training and investigative skills to conduct their operations (Seidenstat 2009).

The detectives from this team act as part of the homeland security team and take command from ground officers. The team and individuals working within it act in accordance to the law governing the handling and use of fire arms. Their responsibilities are limited by law to detecting, investigating and deflecting of any hostile terrorist target against any US carrier (Goldenkoff 2007).


In conclusion, it is evident that all the operations of the TSA are in line with the law requirements involved in protecting lives and property of American people. The training of the air marshals on issues related to the law can be termed as the core factor in the operations. It can be termed as secure and organized.