“The Time Period”

The period known as the Middle Ages constituted of immense chaos. In fact, it is one of the most chaotic periods in ancient history. It was a period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the renaissance period. Religion and Christianity were indispensable as they played a fundamental role in various aspects of people’s lives. The leaders during this era considerably sought the counsel of religious leaders in making important decisions. During this period, the feudal system dominated life. Another term used to refer to the Middle Age was the Dark Age or the medieval era. It was a dark phase distinctively characterized by diseases, ignorance and primitive routines as well as significant barbarism. Europeans living during this era did not consider themselves as living in the middle age.

The renaissance was a period manifested by tremendous changes in politics, science, and art. Renaissance means “rebirth” in French and refers to the revival or discovery of Ancient Greek and Roman knowledge. The middle ages proceeded the Renaissance period. Science was a major discipline during this era as well as art and philosophy. During this era, the acquisition and mastering knowledge of was considerable. It was a period of the rebirth of literacy and broadening of imagination. This period saw massive transformation of knowledge and discoveries as people pursued extensive genres of music, language, and religion.

The restoration age covers the reign of Charles II that started in 1660 where the three monarchies namely English, Irish, and Scottish were reinstated. The return of the monarchy thereafter oversaw years of horrendous rule. This period witnessed tremendous activity and accomplishments that oddly enough started with a certain amount of caution. Men and women adorned in clothes to express their suppressed feelings of the dictatorship rule. In addition, numerous political dissents circulated as well as critiques for the established religious doctrines.

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