The Road Accidents

Road accidents are defined as incidents, which involve car driving and in most cases end up tragically; sometimes they cannot be predicted or prevented. In general terms, road accidents occur without any form of warning and lead to the disastrous consequences. In most cases, road accidents involve at least a single party, a driver. The objective of this assignment is to examine the causes of road accidents, which happen in our day to day lives.

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The major cause of road accidents is careless driving. For example, when the driver drives the un-roadworthy vehicle without caring for his life, it may result in steering the vehicle into the wrong side of the road and lead to a collision with other on-coming vehicles, so-called head-on collision. Another cause of road accident is when the driver is falling asleep while driving, that may result in crashing of the vehicle. That is why the drivers are advised to take naps when they feel exhausted and sleepy (Emgrossman, 2011).

One more cause of road accidents is potholes, which appear on unrepaired roads. For instance, when a road is not familiar to the driver, there is a big risk of an accident especially when a car hits the potholes unexpectedly. In this case the car will overturn as a result of losing focus by the driver. That is why the drivers are advised to be perfectly sure about the roads, which they are intending to use. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to look out for road signs, which will guide the drivers especially when they are not familiar with the road.

Very frequently the road accidents are caused by the bad weather conditions. For example, when a car is gliding and comes into contact with fogs and snow, the driver may lose control and steer the car into trenches and overturn it. Such an accident basically happens when the driver does not assume the possibilities of abrupt weather changes. Bad weather conditions have to encourage drivers to be always on the alert (Agustin, 2009).

The last but not the least cause of road accidents is when the driver is not qualified or experienced enough and over speeds the vehicle. In most cases, car accidents happen when the driver is not familiar with the rules and regulations stipulated by the traffic departments. Very often the drivers, lacking the needed knowledge, just ignore the rules and the road signs. Despite the causes, the major part of road accidents are preventable, so the main task of the traffic departments is to be ensured that only competent drivers are on the road.

All in all, it will be wise to indicate that most of the aforementioned causes of road accidents are preventable and thus can be avoided. The government is thereby advised to put stringent measures aimed at minimizing road carnage. It is important to comprehend the different causes of road accidents and remember that “ignorance is never an excuse” especially when it comes to dealing with mistakes committed while driving (Agustin, 2009)

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