The Human Resource Management

Lauren Odes, 29, sued the lingerie company she worked for over claims that she was fired for being “too attractive”. She alleged that days after her dismissal, her superior at the store where Lauren worked informed her that she was “just too attractive for the office.” Viewing the controversy from a human resource standpoint, the dismissal of the employee represented several decisions and approaches by an employer that should not be practiced in an employment setting.

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Proper human resource management is one of the most important fields in business administration. This department basically requires excellent administrative and organizational skills. The handling of the employee’s situation by the company demonstrated lack of proper administrative skills by the supervisor. Human resource matters should be handled with as much discretion as possible; especially in the United States where the legal system for filing lawsuits is particularly straightforward (Price, 2011). This entire controversy exposed the management’s ability to properly handle internal personnel matters and its further incompetence in addressing the public scrutiny that followed.

An organization caught in a controversial situation should employ crisis management strategies. These are primarily actions taken by an organization to save its good reputation and credibility after a controversy has occurred. In such a situation as presented above, it is the responsibility of the human resource department to lead the crisis management practice since it was the overhead employer of the dismissed employee. The HR department should also be involved in the creation of the good interpersonal relationship between the management and employees. This will help in situations such as the resolving internal conflicts amicably and professionally (Lockwood, 2007).

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