The healthcare organization

The healthcare organization should build or rather come up with award section in the hospital that handles the old aged population. The underlying principle behind this initiative is that around our community there isn’t a healthcare facility that offers old age care services thus this would be a good venture as the old age population is increasing rapidly in our society and setting up this facility would ensure that we tap a market that is growing and it doesn’t have competition. This recommendation should be the first priority in the organization. This recommendation would exactly go hand in hand with the hospital’s mission which states that it would contribute in creating a healthier community by focusing on providing healthcare to the neglected old age. Its vision is to be the hospital of preference for patients in the community (Ruebottom, 2007).

The hospital should stress on providing an efficient and quality healthcare so that it becomes the hospital of choice in the society. This would ensure that its patient count increases day in day out hence increase in profit returns. Since this is a new venture the hospital should start in full throttle by implementing initiatives like use of technology and highly professional personnel which increase its efficiency so that it attracts more and more customers and this recommendation should be given the second priority after setting up the new hospital old aged section. This would ensure that the hospital becomes the community’s best choice and also creating a healthier community hence going in line with the hospital’s vision and mission.

In future competition will set in since for now the hospital will be the only one providing old aged healthcare in the community. With time the organization should build another health care facility deeper into the remote areas in the society. This recommendation is of importance too so as to capture the patients in the remote areas in the community hence enlarging the market scope and this proposal should be the third priority after ensuring that the hospital has managed to retain the bigger share of the market. This initiative would ensure that even in the remote parts of the community remains healthier and still remain as the health provider of choice (Ruebottom, 2007).

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