The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark was written by Mark to show the work of Jesus Christ and that He was the Messiah. The features of the gospel of Mark includes; John the Baptist preaching on coming of the Messiah and preparing His way, Jesus being baptized by John, the miracles Jesus performed showing that His authority was from God, He then went to Jerusalem, crucified, died and He was raised from dead on the third day. The gospel of Mark basically illustrates the life and ministry of Jesus Christ whereby from chapter one through ten shows the obedience of Jesus in his ministry teaching and performing miracles while chapter eleven through sixteen shows his obedience in giving his life for us and his resurrection.

Purpose of the Gospel of mark

Mark wrote this gospel in order for the Gentile Christians in Rome and Italy to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ as it had been preached by Peter. It illustrated to them that Jesus is the messianic servant through his obedience, death and resurrection.

The story of the woman with the issue of blood.

This story is at mark 5: 25-34, the woman had an issue of blood for twelve years. A woman during her bleeding period was considered unclean and anyone who had contact with her was also considered unclean. This did not hinder this woman from going out to the crowd for she had suffered a lot and had spent all she had in consulting physicians but her condition was getting worse. I am amazed to think how big the crowd was but she did not give up and believed that if only she could just touch the hem of Jesus garment she would be healed. She had faith in Jesus Christ and his power. The story challenges me in that, many are the times I give up and loss Faith on issues I pray for. I even loss the strength to get up and go to church for fellowship but this woman must have been week physically due to bleeding but she never gave up and pushed through the big crowd just to touch the hem of his garment. The purpose of this story was to show the divine power of Jesus Christ over illness and that all we need is to have faith in Him.