The Egyptian and Tunisian Movements

The movements formed in both Egypt and Tunisia greatly facilitated the downfall of autocratic rule. “Social media played an important role for their success where Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube and TwitPic were greatly used to organize the entire process” (Beinin & Vairel, 2011,pp248). Social media was widely regarded to be very dangerous since it allowed all information to be shared with less regulation.

Smartphones and the internet were used for networking among different groups. For instance, they allowed the flow of information without one travelling to the recipient with ease. Moreover, information could be passed to many people very cheaply and fast. It was through the internet that even the foreigners participated in the whole process in Tunisia and Egypt. Both countries helped and supported the revolutions in their countries.

The social media allowed people to prepare and strengthen the movements very early before beginning their protests. The problems were shared through the social network which led to the unity and need to fight for common goals. Here, information was made available to the general public quickly. “The strategies were also put in place in time for example when and how to conduct the protests” (Kamrava,2011, pp301).

Moreover, it was used to inform the protesters where the police were to avoid clashing. All the government propagandas were discussed widely through the social media so as to unearth the truth and validity of the message. In Egypt, shutting down the social media only made things worse for the Mubarak since it was too late and people had already organized everything through the social network.

Therefore, social media played an important role to bring down dictatorship in both Egypt and Tunisia. This is because it is cheaper, faster, reliable and efficient to mobilize and share information for proper organization of the people.

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