The effects of young black men growing up in single parent households vs. dual parent households

Single-parent families can be described as one where a parent lives with a dependent, either individually or in larger households, without a partner while the dual parent household involves a couple. It is crucial to note that black men in single families are at a higher risk of high school failure. Differences of young black men’s identity growing up in single-parent households and those in dual parent households are not overwhelming, but they are significant enough to merit concern. Poverty, it is a crucial factor for black male school dropouts, a significant number composed of single parents- 37% of single mums and 17.5% of single fathers are in poverty while only 6.7% of couples are in poverty, gender. In the midst of other schoolmates, the young black men feel off the place regardless of the household they form the part. However, this is far more troubling for males from single households as they feel they also require the fatherly protection and cannot take the Intimidations from their friends or how the general public perceives to them (Sara 62). To some extent, it would be worth noting that a considerable number of black men students fail because they lack a father or mother who encourage, support, value, and reinforce their efforts towards education. It is clear that the black men from both households tend to lag behind in class instead of taking up the fact to contend with the disruption and strain of their families status, where their parent or parents focus on themselves or their needs to a degree that they have little or no emotional energy auxiliary for the black men’s needs. Before addressing the issue of public education, there is a need to take care of marriage and family (Sara 62).

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African American Boys who grow up in the absence of their father have a high likelihood of having trouble in establishing their appropriate sex roles and gender identity. The existing struggle of one being an African American male needs help from a parental figure in the home. Parents play a very important role in the development of a child either directly or indirectly. There is a unique set of challenges faced by African American boys who grow up in fatherless homes. Other than failing in schools, they find themselves involved in various antisocial behaviors. Boys growing up in single-parent households have a high level of psychological disorders and high rate of suicide attempts. There needs to be a major reform in the United States. Boys need to be socialized to adopt a positive gender identity so as to boost their self-esteem and their feelings of worth.

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