The Bearing of Sociological Theory

The overall themes of the articles were: The crime report; the study in the new trend in deviant behaviours in society across the two genders. The articles are exploring the new trends in deviant behaviours; crimes and deviant behaviour which were traditionally considered for men are being committed by ladies with the same vigour or more. The common finding is the increase of deviant behaviours and crime among ladies. Discrepancies among the articles are the finding that men are safe from deviant behaviour, while boys are suffering from molestation by women. The finding that women are molesting young boys is surprising.

The sociological theory best is used for the study, the theory studies human relationship and how they influence the behaviour and attitude of one another (Deflem). The theory stresses that what happen in a society is contributed by each one in the society and that is interlinked. The theory relates to findings in that what is happening in California is taking a society perspective (Deflem).

The policy recommendation based on the research; more study should be contacted in the society to establish the root causes; those engaging in crimes and drugs should be rehabilitated appropriately, the society should enact tough laws to punish those involved; psychological counselling should also be included in the rehabilitation programmes to offer mental, emotional support to those involved in such behaviour and prevent those planning to get involved in similar act.

From the research from the five articles, deviant behaviour is more of a sociological issue, but somehow takes a psychological perspective, which is the study of human mind and how it affects thought, attitude and behaviour. The understanding of an individual’s behaviour will assist in offering individual solution, hence leading to better society as a whole.