The transformation in technology is having a great impact in the world and its operations. Each day new innovations and inventions are shaping how we adapt and manipulate the environment. Communication has taken new grounds and people are becoming reliant on the benefits of technology. In the presentation, various tools have emerged that help during the process of presentation and it’s actually becoming quite rare to present without the use of these devices and tools. The devices come with a couple of benefits, for instance, the public address system that is commonly used helps amplify the sound and reach a wider audience that would otherwise not be much possible. In big events and gatherings, big screens are placed at strategic points to ensure that people follow the proceedings easily.

Use of projectors and flip charts convey information much efficiently, in a neater and organized manner and help the presenter present visual content clearly. Employing such technology also helps capture the attention of the audience and increases the attention span. It assists in breaking the monotony of speech and having to talk, additionally visual information has been found to be highly retained and easily retrievable-memorable.

In most cases the information to be disseminated cannot fully be understood therefore there is the need for presentation especially information that involve processes, design or complex mechanical movements. With animation and video, such messages are easily passed and understood.

Though technology in communication and presentation is a good thing that technology has granted us it presents us with negative impacts. Over-reliance of technology can really turn us into mechanical human beings, thereby building poor social and communication skills together with lack of confidence. Technology has been evidenced to do everything for us; this is so much reducing our creativity and imagination levels. At times the devices may fail us by malfunctioning at the peak of our presentation. However the benefits it presents us we should be able to integrate technology in communication carefully so as it does not become our downfall.

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