Technology Problem

The Hollywood studio does not charge a lot for movie downloading online; it means, that the DVD’s revenue goes down. The film industry cooperates with the television. The movies are spread through the use of DVDs which is a straightforward distribution for movies. Initially, the films were made at the studios, shown there, and owned by the theaters. They were shown to the public by use of sizable theaters, which were located in the cities. This changed to smaller theaters and into smaller towns until they were everywhere. Later, the films and movies were stored in vaults and shelves.

The films had few places to be shown, and this changed when the theaters were allowed to show any movie they wanted. The television replaced the theaters as the film owners realized that television was an excellent way of making money. It influenced the old movies that were rotting in the shelves. The use of the DVDs, cable television, and VCRs caused a panic in the Hollywood industry. However, this changed as they were incorporated into the distribution chain for the movies. The distribution has also changed due to the overseas theatrical revenues which have become double compared to the domestic theatrical returns. In addition, the DVD’s sales have become the largest part of distribution for the movies.

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Many hungry distributors, who want to make a quick dollar, are rushing to make DVDs of the movies in theaters after their release. The trend has led to piracies of the movies. This forced the Hollywood studio to give the movie downloading online for the little charge of the money. The result is that the DVD’s revenue has significantly decreased. Piracy does not allow Hollywood studios to get money by themselves from the sales of the DVD’s. They sell the DVDs at cheap prices and do not make much money as expected. They can do this by cyber locking and do not pay the expected royalties. The increasing cost of the movie tickets also makes people go to the Internet to download movies. The websites on the Internet allow file sharing, so the user might share and watch movies.