Social Classes and Ethnic Groups

An ethnic group comprises of a collection of people who share a joint culture. This entails aspects such as common language, norms, customs and practices, and history. Similarly, a social class comprises of a group of individuals who identify with each other through common social relations and a culture that arises due to different material status in the society. Thus, the development of both ethnic groups and social classes largely depend on the synergy of social aspects and a common culture within a group of individuals (Banks, 2008). This means that an ethnic group can fit the description of a social class due to changes in culture and social relations among individuals.

A social class has significant effects on various aspects of racism. Research shows that individuals within distinct social classes adopt diverse approaches concerning their interaction with other races. Individuals in the upper class and those in lower class possess different social and cultural identities that bind them together. While individuals in the upper class relate depending on the aspect wealth and social status, individuals in the lower class tend to form their relationship on racial-based aspects. Thus, due to different bonding factors between social classes, individuals from distinct social classes possess diverse perceptions concerning races.

As the socioeconomic status of an individual improves, he or she tends to relate with people from different ethnic backgrounds. This factor arises due to issues such a working environment comprising of people of diverse ethnicity. Thus, such an individual may face challenges concerning the interaction with other people based on ethnicity. The most appropriate approach in this regard is interacting through a social class (Best, 2005). Higher socioeconomic status makes an individual acceptable to different groups. Thus, people will refer to such a person as per the social status and not the person’s ethnicity. This eliminates various barriers that may hinder the formation of a social class.