Self Defense and Insanity Defense Memo

These are the possible defenses by excuse in criminal trials. The defendant can argue that he or she should not be held criminally responsible for committing a crime simply because he or she was legally insane at the very time of committing the alleged crime. Such a defendant may be required to undergo a mental examination. Once proved mentally insane especially during the time of committing the crime, his or her charges may be reduced.

Fiona is a product of domestic disagreement and to avoid too much of it she runs away from home. The deprogrammer dies in the process on trying to grab Fiona and take her home. First, the attempt to grab Fiona without her willingness amounts to a civil case. It was wrong for him to use force to return Fiona home. That is why she saw it as an insult and probably taught that he wanted to hurt her physically.

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In such a case Fiona had to defend herself from harm and the harm was the deprogrammer. It was out of this act that she hits and kills him. Secondly, the deprogrammer was a stranger to Fiona while they met at the grocery. Having done her shopping, she might have thought that this man wanted to steal from her. Then in the process of defending what she had bought, she knocked her with the jar with the intention of scaring him off but not to kill him.

Fiona might have been temporary insane when she met the deceased. On brief encounters, she was unaware of what she was doing until it was discovered that she had killed him. In another instance, it’s like Fiona had developed permanent insanity due to constant wrangles with her husband. Thus when she met the deceased and the deceased grabbed her; she could see him just like her husband who wanted to grab her. She began the same encounters like before, killed him unaware that he was not her husband.The killing was not intentional.