Safety Management

Safety is a core aspect that every organization should consider in its pursuance of increased productivity. Catering for various safety risks enables an organization to minimize incidences of human injury and sometimes the loss of life. In addition, safety management mitigates damages to the environment and property. To control risks and minimize accidents in any organization, the top management must participate in various safety issues to ensure the regulation of various workplace hazards and promote wellness (Alston, 2003). Such an approach communicates the importance of managing safety risks throughout the organization. In this regard, employees perceive the maintenance of safety as everyone’s role. Furthermore, the management must ensure the availability of resources to enable appropriate responses by safety personnel. Any safety system requires appropriate organizational structures that facilitate the safety efforts. It is the responsibility of managers to ensure the effective functioning of safety systems through appropriate policies. Delegating responsibilities and granting authority introduces accountability regarding safety systems. The adoption of appropriate strategies by the management ensures a flexible safety system that can tackle various safety issues. These include appropriate communication channels that ensure timely dissemination of information to the relevant parties.

The failure to invest in safety management exposes employees and the environment to a variety of risk factors. With respect to the law, organizations are liable for harm resulting from the negligence in terms of safety management (Armstrong, 2006). Moreover, this makes organizations vulnerable to compensation claims by injured employees and huge fines due to environmental pollution. Since inappropriate safety systems increase cases of accidents and environmental hazards, organizations should invest in safety management to minimize expenses in terms of compensation claims, fines, and replacement costs (National Safety Council, 2009). Such expenses may have adverse effects on the financial aspects of an organization and its reputation. Furthermore, injured employees result in lost man-hours. In this regard, various operations stall leading to reduced productivity and business losses.

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