Robot Technology

Today, modern robot technology has reached unbelievable heights. Every day, technologists create new mechanisms to facilitate human life. Computers can perform thousands of tasks simultaneously; machine systems can withstand hundreds of times more than a human. All this makes life to be comfortable both as for a person and society as a whole. Various scientists interpret the penetration of computer technology in society differently. One believes that computers can actually replace physical and mental human capabilities; another denies this theory because computers can replace people at work, leading to total unemployment. Is it possible that computer intellect can easily replace human capabilities? Is it possible to replace the robot profession such as call center worker? Let’s consider this question in details.

Firstly, to clarify the situation, it is necessary to define the call center worker profession. The call center employee is a profession related to customer service, acceptance and analysis of information. This occupation requires patience and politeness from the worker. Today there are many companies and government agencies with call centers, each with its own sphere of activity. Some call centers operate with a limited amount of information while others are engaged in a wide range of reception, handling and disclosure. For example, take a small company in the township which provides an access to the Internet. In such a small number of customers, company may include some information into the database of canned responses, and the robot will operate this information to communicate with customers. Analyzing State Emergency Service, the robot can not cope with such kind of work as emergency cases, in which human can analyze the situation, react and help immediately.

Another factor that denies the possibility of using robot technology in live communication with clients is the ability to give unpredictable system crashes, or suddenly functioning stop. This error in emergency services can lead to fatal consequences. Analyzing all the above, we can conclude that computer technology, despite the daily development can never completely replace live call center employee.

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