Review of Kirby Vacuum


The Kirby vacuum cleaner is a product of the Kirby Company. The name is similar to that of a Nintendo character that has the ability to flash out dirt. This is because the vacuum cleaner works on the basis of flushing out dirt from surfaces. For a long time, this product has been on the top of sales. There was no significant competition, until lately. The Dyson vacuums were introduced and proved to be a real piece of competition to this vacuum cleaner. However, this vacuum cleaner has its advantages. These are the advantages that will make its consumers stick to the product. This forms the basis of argument in the essay below.

The first fact about this product is its durability. This is a cleaner that has the ability to last through many years. Therefore, the consumers do not have to replace it every other time. These products are mainly constructed using durable die-cast aluminum parts. These have the ability to withstand an extremely long duration of use. This is due to the durability or the aluminum metal. This is an advantage that may not be found in the vacuum cleaners that act as a competitor to this product. As a result of this fact, the firm has the ability to place its price at a high level. This is because the consumer preference is on their product. The company understands that their cleaner has unique qualities that are rare in the market. Therefore, they can act as a monopoly, though the industry still has other products and firms.

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The other fact about this vacuum cleaner is based on its results. This is because the customer reviews of a product can tell on the productivity of a product. There are some products that may be hyped in the market by the people who want to get the best sales. However, the best measure of value is based on the customers who use the product from time to time. This is because they have the absolute ability to tell of its cones, as well as its cones. According to customer reviews, this vacuum cleaner offers quality services. It cleans the floors and wipes away dust, in ways that other vacuum cleaners cannot. This makes it have an upper hand, as compared to all the other vacuum cleaners. This is because the consumers do not have a hard time when using the cleaner. In other words, this is a product that is user-friendly.

Lastly, this vacuum cleaner is able to convert into 12 different units. This means that it has the ability to clean different types of floors without an apparent problem. Therefore, it is a flexible product, in terms of its services. Therefore, in case of change, the consumers do not need to purchase any new products. They just have to use their previous vacuum cleaners. For some other vacuum cleaners, they only have the ability to clean cement floors. However, the Kirby vacuum can even incorporate a carpet shampoo system. Therefore, this is a cleaner that has the ability to remain a consumers’ favorite.


The essay above is proof that the above-discussed vacuum cleaner is advantageous, in comparison to others. This is because it has numerous qualities that are not contained in the other products. For this reason, this is a product that may continue to be a consumers’ favorite for a long time to come. However, there are many other products that are in the way of development, as well as launching. These are products that should give the Kirby vacuum a hard time in maintaining its position. Therefore, the admirable qualities should be maintained. Also, there is a strong need to come up with modern and new ways to enhance the product.

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