Religious Study


Religious for over decades has been the center for conflicts in most parts of the world. It has resulted due to different aspects of religious believes. Different religions has different believes which they are bound to protect. The misunderstanding of religious practices that subsist among different religion and the marrying of religion with politics had resulted to religious-political conflicts.

Religious conflict has been a common factor and there is the need for bringing it to an end. Religious tolerance can said to be the ability to appreciate spiritual believes, practices and values which are totally different from our own views. To practices, tolerance is one of the complex goal to achieve because the there is a great diversity of religions and spiritual believes practiced in the word today. Religion is a very emotional subject; it is normally very difficult for individuals to put their individual biases aside and consider ideas or situation of other people objectively. There has been a debate between theorists who favor ethical/cultural relativism that is the idea that the moral wrongness and rightness of actions varies from one society to another society and that there are no fixed universal moral values obligatory on all individual at all times. Given all these controversies and difficulties discussion of religion in any enlightening setting can present unique challenges.

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To help overcome the difficulties of practicing religious tolerance, a dialogue concerning religious tolerance should be encouraged between different individuals with different religious believes. It is often suggested that talking to others about religion and politics should be avoided at all cost. There are lots of situations that give pause to whether or not tolerance is a good thing. The concept of tolerance contains the idea of disagreement. If there is no divergence, then there is nothing to tolerate. Tolerance is the only way the religious conflict can be solved. With the different in principles of the religion, understanding and accepting of one’s believed should be practiced. e. Religious practices should also not be married with politics since politics consist of individuals from different religions.


Borrowing some teachings from the Bible like “give God what belong to God and Caesar what belong to Caesar” can help to restrain the fundamentalism among religion. What is really at issue is simple but enormously difficult principle of the disjointing of religion and politics, the understanding and appreciating different religions to bring to an end the religious conflict that had been a major conflict for over decades.