Religious Affiliation

Religion is a delicate subject. There are numerous religious affiliations to which different people identify with. These religious affiliations offer their followers guidelines to assist them through their spiritual journey. There is a close relationship between all the teachings in the different religions. Some of the common and near common beliefs spanning all religions include creation and resurrection. The after death experiences are totally different across the different religions. Studies and other literary works that have been written offer different views on these subjects.

Christians believe in the Holy Spirit (Ratzinger, 2). This is said in the Christian circles to have been sent by Jesus Christ to guide Christians through their Christian journey. According to the eschatology commentary, the Holy Spirit is presented in a different way. When the characters in The Great Divorce alight from the bus, they find themselves in a beautiful new place (Lewis, 34). They have changed their forms and are no longer human beings rather they become ghosts. When the spirits come to meet them, they offer guidance to assist the ghosts to get to the top of the mountain. The spirits in The Great Divorce offer similar services as the Holy Spirit that Christians believe in. The spirits console the ghosts telling them that the pain and suffering caused by their change in state is temporary. Their ghost form is what is causing them the pain and with the climb to the mountains they would become more solid easing the pain.

It is clear from the works of Lewis that there are numerous ideas on the events following death. Christian believes are based on the fact that people die and remain in that state until the coming of God when all the dead will resurrect. In The Great Divorce, the dead go on a journey to an oblivious place where they receive their spiritual guidance. Christians believe that the Holy Spirit offers guidance to a person when they are alive and on earth. They believe that death is final and man cannot possibly redeem himself after death. The Great Divorce may be a work of fiction but it still raises concerns and an urge for readers to critic at their lives.