Religion in London

London used to be part of the Roman Empire, where initially Christianity had not been allowed in, but later the empire embraced Christianity and made it the official religion. After the influence of the Roman Empire declined, the majority of London become Christians. London, as well as the rest of Britain, was initially mainly a Roman Catholic nation and the Pope had a lot of influence on the nation and the people of London. This went on until 1533.

In 1533, King Henry VIII led England into breaking ranks with the Roman Catholic Church and went forward to the formation of the Church of England. London, being part of England, meant a lot of London people joined the Church of England. The main reason for King Henry VIII leaving the Roman Catholic Church was his desire to divorce his wife as she only bore him the daughter and he wanted a son. He wanted to marry another wife who will bear him a son; he made a request to the Pope who refused. This infuriated the King and made him leave the Roman Catholic Church and form the Church of England. He became the head of the church, had the Иible translated into English and the followers of the new church were referred to as Protestants.

It was not until 1553, during the reign of Queen Mary, that London was reverted to Catholicism. The Queen was ruthless in converting people into Roman Catholics, this she did by setting people on fire if they refused to convert to Catholicism. It was not until 1558 that Queen Elizabeth decided to convert England back to the Church of England and made the Church of England as the official religion in the country. London today is host to many religions with the majority being Christians who are Anglicans or from the Church of England. There are also a number of Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs. London is a host to many religious who freely confess their faith.

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