Reflection of the Deviance Article

About deviance, I believe the author’s arguments are very logical. This is because what one person considers deviant will vary from one culture to another or from one group to another even within the same society, as espoused by the author. As humans, we realize that members in our society shape in the way they see things and on what they see as either right or wrong. Egocentric people think that only right or wrong is what is pleasant or unpleasant. But later we realize that what is right or wrong depends on the society we living in and thus less likely to hurt other people’s different views.

So is there something like an ideal culture? Humans are able to on what is and what should be and therefore on proper and improper rules and ways of acting. About corruption and power, I believe that other people’s power is based on a person’s skills and knowledge as an enduring and important power comes from an individual group’s social networks, social status or affiliation with a certain group that will enable him/her do things that will affect others. It is, however, true that the powerful usually engage in powerful deviance acts and they are likely to deny that their actions hurts people or blame it on deviance. The carrier’s case shows the extent of how powerful people can go to protect themselves but we should understand that the law was created to set “wrong” and “right” parameters in the society. About the avarice and their insensibility on the theft of a neighborhood, it was a wrongful act as it created 6,000 jobs but again it ruined their community lifestyle as well as taking their green space. On the white-collar rule breaking, this is a real crime as it caused destruction although committee by respectable and professional jobs.

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Basically all these readings makes one think and ask several questions as to what is “right” or “wrong.” Both readings have logical arguments to whatever they propose depending on how they argue out the arguments. Perversity can be defined as deviance to follow the “right” sexual gratification and thus not exhibiting the “norm” sexual behaviors.

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