Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment is a systematic process of identifying the requirements for a job, defining the necessities of the position and the job holder, advertising the position and selecting the most suitable person for the post. It is one of the major objectives of management. There are different methods of recruitment; the internal and the external method. In the external method, the vacancies are filled by workforce from outside while the internal the vacancies are filled by workforce from within.

Different organizations use different methods of recruitment. Public sectors normally employ the external recruitment method which include; job center, job advertisement, personal recommendation and the use of recruitment agencies (R.Lavigna, 2004)This is because they serve the society and there is a need for equality in job allocation hence should reach all the qualified members of the public. The non-profit organization employs both the external and the internal recruitment methods. They mainly duel in internal method because their employees are familiar with the organization operations also it is cheaper and quicker.

Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the global leading nonprofit organizations. Their main mission is to help in scientific research on diseases, provide control measures for diseases also to come up with the possible treatment of the conditions most in low-earning regions. To carry out their work efficiently and effective they need employee qualified personnel. Being nonprofit organization external and internal recruitment methods can be employed. External recruitment method should be encouraged because it will result to employing people with a wider range of experience and ideas.

The two major external recruitment methods that are more appropriate are the job advertisement and the use of recruitment agencies (langan, 2002). The advertisement method should be based on an online basis because the organization runs its activities globally and needs a global network connection. Advertisement will attract a pool of qualified persons from different regions thus; the organization will be able to acquire the most appropriate candidature. For the recruitment agencies, they are very infective in dealing with the regional employment. For instance, the organization can use the regional recruitment agencies to get qualified persons in the region since the agencies will provide the details of a suitable candidate for the job.


In most organizations, new approaches to recruitment are being used in many regions. The strategies are manual but, as automated methods become more pervasive, those mechanisms that support its use will assume greater popularity. Whatever the strategies selected for use, the objective is to recruit the most qualified, committed individual into the organization and ensure that the provision of the organization is timely and effective.

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