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John Marcion discusses the discriminative effects of social integration in the diverse country in which the whites are dominant over the blacks. He says that they are so stereotypical towards them and do not treat them equally. For instance, he says that they deliberately become richer, but make the blacks poorer. He also uses the Marx Weber and Sigmund Freud to justify his sociological complexities. However, this is so biased because it is an insult to the whites. I think it is misleading to portray whites as evil people while praising the two classical sociologists to be the best ever. This makes his book not appealing to me. On the other hand, Chuck O’Connell ideas about religious plurality are typical of the contemporary diverse society. He says that family and religion are really related and very important in any given society. They are actually perpetual and can not be weakened or totally eliminated from the rest of society. Despite the secularization and family theses claims, these social institutions play a very crucial role in preserving people’s cultural practices and determining their peaceful interactions. However, I would like to say that Chuck failed to acknowledge the role of modernization and science that is now drawing people out of religion. Moreover, the religious conflicts may lead to the death of some religious groupings that may eventually opt to synchronize their doctrines. Finally, The Lies My Teacher Told Me is a bout a report of the research done by Professor James Loewen about the inefficiencies of history authors and teaches in the dissemination of knowledge in this noble subject. He found out that none of these people have come up with ideas to give a true representation of the American history. Instead of being committed to their work, they are shrouded in blind patriotism, lies and mindless optimism. Based on this, I would like to refute him for failing to appreciate the significant contributions of these scholars. Instead of reading only 18 schools and perusing 12 books, he would have increased his target to more than 100 books and personally interview at least 60 dedicated teachers. Otherwise, his conclusion does not hold water.

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