Proxemics is the learning of quantifiable distances between people as they relate to each other. It is also the communal distance between people and the connection with bodily distance amid them. Proxemics can be expressed in three different ways. These may be culture, anxiety, and gender. Proxemics can affect people differently in the interview process because of the distance between the interviewers and the interviewee. Individuals frequently distinguish a distance that is suitable for different types of information’s, and they also set up a comfortable distance where they will be comfortable for the interaction. In interviews, the distant between the interviewers and the interviewees may have a big effect mostly on the interviewee. If the interviewee is seated at a close distance with the interviewers, he or she might not be comfortable, he might fear them. He might be asked a question that he may know the answer but, because of the closeness with the interviewers he might be unable to alter any word. The interviewee may be seated very far in a way that he will not be loud enough to be heard.

Close-ended questions are questions that limit the respondents because the respondents are given multiple choices on what to answer those questions. The answers may be true/false, yes/no, and others. Example of a closed-ended question is; are you a male/female? In this question, one is supposed to choose one of the given options. They have several advantages in that they are easily analyzed. However, open-ended questions do not give answers for the respondents to choose from, but the respondents are encouraged to express themselves as wide as they can depending on the type of questions they are asked. Example of an open-ended question is; what do you think is the cause of the low economy today? One is free to write anything which might be the cause of the low economy today.

Close-ended questions may be used mostly in cases where specific answers are needed while open-ended questions may be used in cases where the interviewers want to see the respondents who are creative and think widely, or also want to get as many answers as possible.

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