Project Management Case Studies

Lenovo and South Coast Telecommunications are two companies with a similar vision. Both companies strive to build high quality organizations. The companies strive to be the best in their respective fields. The companies have a similar goal and realize their goals through strategic operations management, project leadership, and an enthusiastic workforce. The companies ensure that there is teamwork to guarantee success of the companies in the short term and long term. Both companies strive to build organizations whose operations are financially strong, lean, and focus on the customer needs. Both companies have similar planning, management and control methods despite having very different backgrounds.

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Despite using the same strategies, the companies have different results. South Coast faces various implementation problems that threaten to lead to failure of the project. The project looses technical expertise at a critical stage of the project. In addition, the company lacks administrative support for the project. Administrative support is critical for the success of a project as it ensures the smooth running of various project related activities (Anderson, 2005, p. 98). The company faces financial constraints due to obsolescence of the equipment that it had initially planned to use. However, the company executes the project successfully within the intended schedule and scope. Lenovo does not have such problems. The factor that is a key to the success of Lenovo is the unequivocal support from its employees. Lenovo employees appreciate the importance of a Project Management Office (PMO) and view as a resource centre rather than an administrative facility. Efficient operations management enables the company to execute various projects within their schedule and scope. However, changes in a strategic shift necessitate the company to set aside more money than had initially been allocated for execution of the project, to enhance efficiency of the project.

These case studies show the importance of stakeholders of a project in its success. Project managers should ensure that there is continued commitment of all stakeholders for the success of the project (Young, 2010, p. 111). South Coast Telecommunications project lacks administrative support making the project experience various hurdles. On the other hand, Lenovo’s employees support leads to the success of the project. The case studies also highlight the importance of proper planning prior to the commencement of a project, in the ultimate success of the project. An organization should ensure that initial planning commences prior to the commencement of the project Shubnell, 2007, p. 41). During the planning phase, organizations should have realistic expectations (Kliem, 2004, p. 25). Planning of both organizations ensures the success of the projects.

The case studies also highlight the importance of communication the success of projects. An organization must ensure that it has proper communication channels and relays information to various project team members at the right time (Weinstein & Jaques, 2010, p. 106). The organization should ensure that there is strong communication accompanied with mutual trust by all parties (Harris, et al., 2010, p. 84). Lenovo sets up effective communication channel at the initial stages of the project to ensure the success of the project. Lack of communication is one of the factors that create hurdles for the South Coast Telecommunications.

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