Probation Officers

Paroleorprobation officers are a crucial facet of the United States criminal justice system. However, in undertaking some of their duties a number of controversies arose. These controversies attribute to some the policies that govern how these officers carry out their duties. For instance, the firearm policy that advocates for parole and probation officers to carry guns has soured their roles as aides to criminal correction of felons.

It is clear that it probation officers supervise criminals granted release by the court to serve the community. This job is the difficulty for the officers to carry out effectively. Therefore, there is a need for them to carry firearms. This conclusion triggers the controversy of probation officers carrying arms. Those advocating for probation and parole officers to carry firearms argue that basically, people on probation or parole are dangerous. This conclusion is well supported statistically. Therefore, these convicts threaten peace in the community and safety of their supervisors. Therefore, there is a need for these officers to carry firearms. On the other hand, those who oppose probation officers carrying firearms argue that a probation officer with a firearm sends a conflicting message to the probationer he or she is supervising and the community at large. This increases the chances of retaliation towards the officers by the people on probation or their loyalists.

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The concept of electronic monitoring offenders started five decades ago. It is clear it has seen tremendous growth and popularity. This attributed to its efficiency in supervising offenders as it makes it possible for agencies to pinpoint their exact locations. It has proved effective in reducing crime. Therefore, this essay supports it continued in the criminal justice system. This is because it has aided to decongest the prison facilities in the country by keeping out some criminal offenders. It has eliminated the need for jail time for offenders who qualify for electronic monitoring.

Intermediate punishments have a number of benefits. They include: decongest prison population, making room for which serious offenders punished and it gives offenders a second chance in life. It is clear that its purpose is to make criminal offenders pay for the crime at fair expenses to the state. This achieved through sentences such as community service, electronic monitoring, fines and probation.