Valentine’s Day Traditions All Around the World

February 14, 2017 Celebration

You know the traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day in your country. Are you interested to learn what other traditions exist out there in the world? FYI, there are multiple things people do on this day and some of them might even seem to be strange for you (such as exchanging wooden spoons or pressed flowers). Let’s see what these traditions are!

1. Denmark. Here, people give each other pressed flowers that are called snowdrops. They also exchange so-called lover’s cards and joking letters. The latter is commonly given by a man to a woman and has a funny little poem with no signature of the sender. The woman has to guess who sent her this card to get another present on… Easter!

2. France. People say that the tradition to exchange cards came from France. The French hold the event called lotterie d’amour, or drawing for love. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

3. South Korea. South Koreans like to celebrate their love so much that they have several holidays to observe monthly. On February 14, women give chocolates and flowers to their men. On March 14, which is called White Day, the opposite thing takes place. In addition, on April 14, called Black Day, single people lament for their solicitude eating dark bowls of black noodles.

4. Wales. Here people have a slightly different celebration, it is called the day of Saint Dwynwen and it falls on January 25. On this day, lovers exchange love spoons. This tradition goes back to the 17th century, when wooden spoons served as the sign of affection.

5. China. Qixi, Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day, aka the Seventh Night Festival, is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. On this day, the Chinese celebrate the love of Zhinu, a daughter of the heavenly king, and Niulang, a poor cowherd. Single women give offerings to Zhinu hoping that she will help them find a good man. Couples go to temples to pray for their happiness.

6. England. English women put 5 bay leaves on each side and the center of their pillows to see their future husbands in their dreams. There is also an equivalent of Santa on this day in England, which is Jack Valentine, who brings children candies and other small gifts.

7. The Philippines. There is one interesting tradition here too. In the recent years, it has become popular to have mass weddings and renew vows on February 14.

8. Italy. Italians have an interesting tradition too, they exchange chocolate-covered hazelnuts wrapped in a piece of paper with a romantic quote written in 3 languages.

9. Brazil. Since Brazilians have Carnival in February, they celebrate lovers’ day on June 12. They don’t only exchange chocolates, flowers and cards, but also hold music festivals throughout the country.

10. South Africa. Apart from traditional gift exchange, South African women put hearts on their shirtsleeves and write the names of their beloved ones on them.

And how are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Protection Status