Top 5 Places to See on a Student Budget

April 27, 2017 Lifestyle

Traveling is always a good idea. Either if you’ve passed all your exams and want to reward yourself with a treat or you are fed up with studying and want to get a new change in life,

there is nothing like traveling to make you feel better. Even the prospect of leaving your routine and meeting new people seems rejuvenating, doesn’t it? However, there is one condition that can dispel your hopes and bring you down to the ground – money. How can a student afford a trip and the expenses that come with it? Surprisingly, traveling is not that expensive if you know where to go.


Destinations Everyone Must Visit Regardless of a Budget


  • Bolivia. Having been poring over the books for month, I bet, you want to get out into the wild and get some adrenaline rush. Bolivia with its death road tours and equally shocking traditions that are deeply connected with witchcraft provides numerous opportunities to get your adrenaline going. If you are not a risk-taker but still want to admire Bolivian culture, consider visiting local museums.
  • Costa Rica. Those looking for adventures must visit Costa Rica. Owing to the fact that it doesn’t cover much territory, you can easily access all the interesting sites there and try extreme sports. The most popular sports among tourists are white water rafting and surfing. Can you believe that accommodation, meals and attractions will cost you 50 dollars tops?
  • Mexico. With a daily budget of approximately 30 bucks, you can enjoy the magnificent blue lagoons and sandy beaches, indulge yourself with tasty food and rest your eyes on the wildlife. Isn’t that what a dream life must look like?
  • Romania. If you are one of those people who prefer to escape from the reality into the imagined worlds we read about in books, Romania is definitely going in your “To-Visit” list. Imagine a place where you can take a tour in the castle or walk in the village, feel the medieval atmosphere, and observe how the fairly-tales turn into reality.
  • Albania. This place will debunk your misconceptions about the expensive European vacations. The pristine nature, which is Albania’s greatest attraction (with the exception of the fact that Voldemort lived there) makes it one of the most beautiful European countries worth visiting.

Traveling is not a whim but a necessity, especially for young people who are full of vigor. Traveling is the greatest teacher, because it broadens one’s horizons, gives invaluable experience, and opens one’s mind. Do not look for excuses, such the lack of money or time. As you can see, you can have wonderful time even with less than a hundred dollars. So, pack your bag and have a nice trip! Protection Status