Surviving Family Christmas

December 19, 2016 Celebration


Are you one of those people who hate gathering together with the family at Christmas? All that bustle before and during holidays may be too overwhelming, especially if your relationships with your family are far from perfect. However, I have several pieces of advice on how to deal with your family for winter holidays. Maybe, they will help you, too.

Pieces of Advice on  how to Survive Christmas with a Family

  1. Grab a new acquaintance with you. A person who will keep everybody on best behavior.19
  2. Stay at a hotel for a couple of days if you have such an opportunity.
  3. Ask guests about their lives. Make sure that you configure your facial expression illuminates interest.
  4. Delicious dishes and alcohol are the best tranquillizers. For this very reason, they are always presented at complicated social events. Food and alcohol make the blood pressure go down and the dopamine go up. Use these benefits in order to feel more relaxed and de-stressed.
  5. Offer some help, something that is clear. It should not be something like “I will help clean everything” – that is too ambiguous. Instead, offer to clean the dirty dishes or to drive some of the guests home.
  6. Remember that nobody has a free will, and neither do not you. Thus, observe the proceedings with that engagement that you feel while reading an interesting book.
  7. Follow the idea “Give the Givers, Take from Takers.” According to it, all people can be divided into those who prefer to give and those who prefer to take. Of course, every person combines both categories in him/herself, but you can quickly and easily determine to which category a person is relates more. If you are a giver, do your best not to overdo all the things on holidays. If you are a taker, do something pleasant for the givers in your life.
  8. Realize that the holidays will soon be over and that you will get the opportunity to come back home and your steady life.

How to Dispose Yourself to Family Christmas

When I was a kid, my mom often told me how many people got upset over the holiday seasons. I could not understand, why?. I could not even imagine how anybody could experience any feeling but excitement before Christmas. My mom would answer me, “It is because some of them do not have relatives to spend this holiday with.” When I grew up, I realized that she minded the reverse: many people felt upset because they actually had to spend these days with their relatives.

However, even family Christmas can become better if you make a bit of pre-planning. I mean some kind of psychological preparation. I remember my mother once grabbed me by the arm and said sternly, “Pretend that you are happy, and you will get happy.” Protection Status