Learning to Manage Time Using 5 Effective Tips

April 4, 2017 Studying Tips

From my own experience, I can tell that learning to manage the time effectively is not easy. I lacked this important skill during my freshman year at college, and this resulted in complete exhaustion and serious problems with my stomach. From that time, I master the skill of time management on a daily basis and finally I have reached success. Thus, I am going to share 5 important tips that help me to control my time.
Tip #1: Create a Schedule
If you want to get your life in order as soon as possible, make a schedule and follow it strictly. First, describe your whole day in writing. Be very precise and detailed. Then, reread your writing and find out the tasks that steal your time. This may be surfing the net with no purpose, watching TV or sleeping for too long. Cut the time you spend on these activities when making your new schedule, and you will realize that there is enough time for you to do more important activities, such as meeting with friends and workouts.
Tip #2: Remember about the Necessities
Sometimes the life gets extremely busy, still you should always remember about necessities such as good sleep, healthy diet, and regular workouts. Always find time for these activities in your schedule, and you will be healthier and more energetic to cope with the other tasks that you planned to do.
Tip #3: Set Up Weekly Goals
In order to develop my feeling of responsibility and self-discipline, I set up weekly goals and keep myself accountable. For example, last week my goal was to read 15 pages of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie before I go to bed.
Tip #4: Prioritize
Remember that postponing significant tasks will not solve the problem. Outline the most important tasks in your schedule and do them first. Make sure you devote enough time to each activity so that it is accomplished effectively and on time.
Tip #5: Never Waste Your Time
When you have a busy day, use every chance to get ahead of your tasks. For example, I may use my lunch break to make important calls, schedule dentist visits, etc. In addition, I significantly cut the time on texting. You will be surprised when finding out how much time you waste on texting. So, if you have something important to say, it is always better to call a person.
Use these tips regularly, and you will learn to manage your time easily. Good luck!

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