How to Encourage Yourself to Catch Up with Work on Holidays

December 23, 2016 Celebration

We all become extremely lazy when the holiday season is approaching. People tend to postpone important tasks before holidays planning to start them when they come back to work after refreshing their strengths. On the other hand, we all have responsibilities, and delaying work-related tasks is not reasonable because there will be a need to deal with them anyway. If you are still not motivated enough to work on holidays, check these important reasons:

1.      Someone is looking forward to hearing from you

Checking your business emails is a must during holidays. There are people who have vacations rarely, and if they send you work-related emails on holidays, they probably need your urgent help. Delaying your reply is not professional and may significantly harm your business.


2.      Every time you postpone your actions, you postpone your success

If you think that marketing action during holidays will not lead to anything, keep in mind that you are simply postponing positive results you could enjoy in case that marketing campaign was successful. Use your small vacation to move your business forward, and you will benefit from the time you spent working.


3.      You will spend more time on restarting the project than on doing it in small parts

It is wrong to assume that it is better to postpone the project because you will not be able to devote enough time to it on holidays. Even if 30 minutes per day is a maximum, you can spend on the project, let it be so. The winning strategy is to focus on single tasks rather than on the remains of the bigger projects.


4.      You just have to start

Our work tasks are often more challenging in our heads than they are in reality. Many people realize this simple truth only after they begin the project. So, pluck up your courage, start working, and see where your initiative leads you.


5.      Think of changing the environment

If working at home becomes unbearable because the setting reminds you about holiday preparations, escape the environment and continue working at a coffee shop, for example.


6.      Imagine how happy you will be

A challenging task usually contributes to a higher level of self-satisfaction. Think how happy you will be in January when your project is ready and all your colleagues freak out to meet the deadlines.

Keep your business on track by devoting some time to work on your holidays, and you will see the benefits very soon. Protection Status