6 Tips for Becoming a Great Public Speaker

April 11, 2017 Various

Your knees are trembling even though you know the topic perfectly. It’s not about the knowledge of the topic but about the skill of public speaking. Read on to find out about top 6 tips on how to master this skill. 

Ways to master your public speaking skills

1. Slow Down. You feel uncomfortable on the stage, and unconsciously, you are speeding up your speech to leave the stage faster. Though it may be good in terms of anxiety reduction, it’s certainly not good for your audience because they will not get a good impression of your speech. The rule to follow here is: speak two times slower than you think you should. People like this when information is presented at a slower rate. Sometimes you should even stop speaking to make accents. 
2. Pay Attention to Your Body Language. There are some nervous tics that inexperienced speakers make. They may include pacing back and forth the stage, moving your hands in and out of the pockets, playing with hair, etc. You should be very attentive to this and always mind what your non-verbal communication says about you – your unconscious nervous tics, your posture, the way you move your hands, facial expressions, etc. It all says a lot about you. Practice in front of the mirror will help you. 
3. Make Eye Contact. Don’t pay your attention to just one section of the audience during all your speech. Focus on different parts of the audience. If you’re afraid of making an eye contact – try looking a little bit above the people’s heads in the back row. But gradually, you should be able to look into the people’s eyes directly. It gets easier with practice. 
4. Practice, Practice, and Practice. Before you step on the stage, make sure your speech is perfect. And the goal here is not to practice until your speech sounds right, but until it can’t sound wrong. Sometimes, anxiety blocks the connections in your brain, but if you’ve trained your speech responsibly, anxiety won’t bother you. If you know precisely, all the points of your speech, you will feel confident.  
5. Understand how Your Audience Perceives You. Usually, the audience can be divided into two categories – supporters and bored people. Most of the time, there are no people in the audience that hate you or come just to throw some rotten tomatoes. Your supporters have all your attention, but bored people are just bored. Don’t let their attitude add up to your anxiety. 
6. Focus on Your Topic. If you shift your focus from your audience to the message that you want to deliver, it will make the whole presentation less scary. When you’re really into your topic, all other aspects become less important; anxiety fades away and you let your passion do all the job. That’s a great way to make a public speech. 
With the right attitude and intention, you can become a great public speaker. 


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