5 Top Tips on How to Throw a Party on a Student Budget

April 25, 2017 Various

Parties are a part of student’s life that shouldn’t be missed, because that’s something that will be stored in person’s memory for their whole life.

However, making a party that people will remember is not an easy task to achieve, especially if you have a tight budget. Fortunately, there are smart ways to throw a perfect student’s party without spending much.

  1. Consider your Guests. Having good guests is crucial in terms of creating the right atmosphere. Advertise your party using social media and word of mouth. Clarify all the necessary information like date, place, duration (if necessary) and theme. You can create a Facebook event or a special party-inbox to keep all your guests excited. Most of the time, people get new, very interesting acquaintances at the parties. In this way, parties serve a great foundation for making new friendships. 
  2. Get Creative with Decorations. Even the simplest decorations like balloons and banners can bring a lot of fun. They don’t cost much and are available in every supermarket. Having your party space decorated brings the touch of life and happiness that your guests will never forget. Naomi Pendleton, a second-year psychology student, shares with us some cool decoration idea, “One of my mates brought dozens of glow sticks and placed them all around the room. People liked it so much that they were using these sticks as bracelets and belts!” If you don’t want to buy any additional inventory, you can use some items that you already have. If you’re creative and love crafting things with your own hands, you can invite your friends and create something cool together. Surf the Internet for inspiration and you will surely find some great decoration ideas.
  3. Utilize your skills. Chances are you have some skills that you can use for the benefit of your party. Don’t be afraid to use them! For instance, displaying artwork, live music, creating unique decorations, cooking exotic dishes or baking delicious snacks could be an excellent way to make your party a standout. An advice from Abbie Taylor, who is a second-year sociology student: “I have a friend who loves photography, so I have invited him to join the party that I have organized. In this way, we’ve had bright, quality photos that captured amazing time we’ve had together.”
  4. Organize Games. When you feel that party vibe gets dull for some reason, offer your guests to play games. It can be as simple as a deck of cards. Also, you can choose to play more active games like charades, mafia or something with a ball.
  5. Be Resourceful. Students know how to throw a party. It means that if you’re a newbie in this area, you can just go and ask around experienced party-organizers how they make epic and memorable events. Also, ask your friends and other students how they can contribute to the party. Maybe someone has a strobe lighting? Be resourceful.
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