10 Unique Ways to Celebrate Christmas

December 24, 2016 Celebration

Have you ever thought that there should be something more in Christmas except for the traditional gift exchange and magic holiday atmosphere? I did, and here are my recommendations on how you can make this day even more special.

  • Watch the Sunrise. Christmas has pagan roots and a great way of acknowledging it would be to celebrate the sunrise and fill yourself with the energy of the rising sun for the whole day.
  • Engage in Caroling. It may be a great way to spend Christmas. Even if you haven’t done it in the past, what holds you from doing it this holiday season? Especially if you have a beautiful voice or can play musical instruments.
  • Feed the Birds. Why don’t you extend your love and compassion to these beautiful little creatures? Decorate the trees with popcorn strings and pine cones covered in bird seed and peanut butter. Then watch how grateful the birds are!
  • Honor the Poor. You can spend that beautiful day volunteering. But take into consideration that this tradition is getting more and more popular, so in order to participate, you should apply in advance.
  • The great way to make Christmas dinner memorable is to cook the food that you’re eating only on holidays. You can try mulled wine, mincemeat pies or chestnuts.
  • Make a Gift Exchange That Matters. Price of the gift is less important than its value. Value can be added up if you craft something with your hands or give the person something that they really want.
  • Spend Quality Time. Don’t disappear in video-games or books on the Christmas day; you can do it on any other day. Christmas is for spending memorable, quality time. Do some joint fun activities – options are countless.
  • Call Friends and Relatives. Make a surprise, call someone who doesn’t expect it!
  • Take a Look Back. You can involve the whole family in writing a letter for the New Year, where you should mention all your family memories for the past year. It’s a great way to spend time together.
  • See the Lights. The lights should be everywhere on the Christmas day. Walk different neighborhoods to see how they have decorated their homes

If you want to make a Christmas day memorable – do so!

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