Poisoning at School

There have been many cases of violence in high schools involving shooting and poisonous explosives. Other dangerous incidences include leakages of poisonous gases in the lab. All these incidences are fatal and could lead to massive deaths of students, teachers and other people within the school. This incidence saw several people killed, my initial thoughts concerning the incidence is that one of the students especially from the visiting lot might have sneaked in with a poisonous gas (Campbell & Smith, 20).

My initial actions include first of all getting the survivors out of the gym immediately. This is to ensure that they get access to fresh air and rescue them from dieing. Another cause of action is informing the school authority of the incident and calling for support from the emergency unit.

According to Huebner (1), the precautionary measure is very important, especially while dealing with a case of this nature. Generally, it is very important to avoid getting to the point where the bodies were lieing to avoid possible inhalation. I also did not go right ahead to the spot without before wearing protective clothing. This is to make sure that I also do not fall in the same trap of being poisoned.

It is very apparent that since there was no any from the gym, the incidence was most likely caused by massive gaseous poisoning. The most important personal protective equipment is devices for protecting respiratory system. In this case, high-efficiency particulate air filter or surgical mask is very important to help one from inhaling the poisonous gas (Huebner, 1).

The possible cause of the incident could most likely be a poisonous gaseous substance because there was no sound. The silence rules out the possibility of both gun shooting and an explosive because there would have been sound at least. The victims must have suffered from mass poisoning resulting from poisonous gas attack (Campbell & Smith, 100).

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